The Mill Inn and Bistro also caters to social events, and as a small Inn can create a unique housing experience for corporate travel, and local parties. See below for our offerings.



Imagine a wedding event, where the bride and her complete bridal party could have an entire hotel to themselves, a morning Mimosa delivered to their room, catered lunches while they are in preparation mode, and an after party where the bar stays open in a private setting for them exclusively. That could be your experience here, at The Mill Inn and Bistro. Contact the general manager to create your custom wedding party experience!



The owners of The Mill Inn are business people, and frequent travelers. One of the key desires when they opened the hotel, was to create a housing option for local businesses to utilize, that would create a custom experience for the corporate travelers coming to Lynden to visit their local business, as well as provide a local business pricing structure for them. 

Call our general manager to discuss pricing for your incoming guests, and how to start creating this great experience for them!



Who doesn’t love a great event, or party! The Mill Inn and Bistro has been specifically designed for small to mid sized parties and social events, and can be reserved as such. The full bar and catering abilities of The Mill Bistro, coupled with the lounge and open lobby area of the Inn, make for a great event location where live music, drink, and fellowship can be had. Call our general manager to discuss pricing for your upcoming event or social gathering!

As an owner of a national company, I bring business travelers to Lynden often, and I want them to not only experience the culture and community of Lynden when they meet with my company, but I also want to see that extended to them through the hotel we put them up at. So our goal in the hotel is to provide local businesses and organizations the opportunity to be a part of crafting the experience for their traveling guests. How great would it be for their guests to show up, have a letter in the room for them, food, drink, tickets to the museum, some memorabilia from the organization they’re coming to visit, etc. The Mill Inn will facilitate crafting this experience for the local businesses.
— Brian Davidson, Owner

The Mill Inn

655 Front Street
Lynden, WA, 98247